We voluntarily work to The Base Code Ethical Trading Initiative; an independent and internationally recognised code of labour practice. We are also SEDEX members, working in accordance with their best practice guidelines. This includes regular, independent audits of all our manufacturers and factories, known globally as SMETA audits.

In this way we know the conditions in which our bags have been produced. We know for example, that all employees have access to union representation, with strict working hours, mandatory breaks and monitored, healthy working environments.

The secure ethical data exchange that SEDEX membership provides allows us to investigate the supply chain as a whole, for instance the cotton grower to the manufacturer. It gives us full traceability, enabling us to make confident, ethical buying choices.

This knowledge is not only important to ensure we meet our own ethical standards, but because we can provide our clients with a guarantee that their products have been ethically produced as well as being environmentally sound.